We are now taking Mother's Day preorders 🥳

As you probably know by now, we are big believers that girls can do fucking anything.

So of course, that means mums can do even more ♥️

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Our Mother's Day shop is one of my absolute favourites of the year.

I love love love doing the local deliveries and dropping unexpected goodies with your mamas.

Over that first lockdown, this was the most magical day and it really kept me from losing my mind completely. You couldn't see your mums, I couldn't see mine, I couldn't even see the rest of the team, but having those socially distanced door step chats with yours, and seeing those smiles, it made everything OK.

And while we've gone from one disaster to another, with shit hitting the fan across Europe, it's what I'll be focussing my energies on again, to feel like there's something to look forward to, and that there is some good in the world.

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I've struggled this year personally so far, my doctor thinks that may be a side effect of when I had covid over Christmas, but this week has been really tough (I know you're feeling it too), and trying to sell or promote the business didn't feel natural or right. I couldn't act as though everything was normal as it felt dishonest, to me, and to you. (I missed the full launch I had planned for this shop, whoops.) We have family in Lithuania, which is next to Belarus, which as you probably know by now, is next to Ukraine, so this is all far too close to home for us and it's something we're struggling with in our house at the moment. I'm trying to work out how I can help, and what we can do as a business, but I think the way for me to carry on while I decide on that is to focus on making other people as happy and empowered as possible, through what we do at the cafe, our merch, and in this case, our Mother's Day shop. It picked me up before, and I'm sure it will again 🥰

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Anyways, enough about me, although I found that therapeutic to write, because this is about our mums!!! I can promise you, I'll be putting so much love and care into our Mother's Day shop again this year, and it's going to be a good one.

What do we have?

♥️ Afternoon tea boxes (vegan ones too)

♥️ Cream tea hampers (complete with Mother's Day card and mug too)

♥️ Brownie boxes (coeliac friendly as always)

♥️ Vegan cake boxes

♥️ Big ultimate cake boxes

♥️ Chocolate bread and butter pudding and chocolate custard

♥️ Creme egg brownies (yes, they're back!)

♥️ Mum's can do f*king anything cards

♥️ Girls can do fucking anything tote bags and tea towels (only a few of each left now), plus new mugs and cards too!

And if you're not a fan of the swearing, we're waiting on a delivery of brand new CLEAN merch that might be a bit more suitable for some of you, and for the younger ones. Because let's face it, we want them to grow up to be strong, confident, empowered women too.

How do you order?

🌷Head to our online shop.

🌷Click each product for further details and what flavours you'll get.

🌷Add to your basket

🌷Don't forget to add a Mother's Day card

🌷Click to checkout

🌷Check your emails - if you signed up to our email newsletter lately, you'll need to write a little something in the comments box to get a free creme egg brownie. Haven't signed up? Do it now.

🌷Add a message to your mama in the comments that we can add in the package (or your card) for you.

🌷Follow the checkout instructions, pay online, and we will do everything else!

I really hope you're enjoying some sunshine and that it's doing it's magic on you.

Please do get in touch if you need to chat, if you've got any ideas of how we can help, and as ever, if you need anything from us!

Lots of love, Lauren

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