Reopen Ready!!!

Your favourite independent female run cafe will welcome you back to Manchester on THURSDAY...

Us hard working girls have deep cleaned our lives away.

Myrodoodles has given our windows a glow up with her gorgeous window art and they're looking lovely. I've even got the leopard I always wanted.

We've printed new loyalty cards.

We've reorganised our furniture for the hundredth time (and yes, we'll be doing it again in a month when you can come inside).

We've planned our menu and we'll have loads of brunch to help you return to Manchester City centre.

Our Nibble NQ Signature Salad is back with loads of fresh, handmade, healthy and seasonal veg based dishes.

It just happens to be vegan AND gluten free too.

We've decided on our specials too.

We'll be switching up our fresh toasties for eating alfresco, and grab and go for takeaway more often to make things more exciting for our regulars, and waste free while we're at a reduced capacity.

We've placed all our orders with our talented local independent suppliers, such as Kickback Coffee, Grandad's Sausages and Booch and Brine.

And now all we need to do is bake our gluten free brownies, our blueberry mojito muffins, rhubarb scones and all the vegan cake, while prepping cauliflower fritters, lamb kofta and everything for the perfect fry up.

We might even give ourselves a bit of a glow up before life actually seeing people resumes.

Our indie cafe won't be back in Manchester City centre until Thursday so enjoy all your other best brunch places in the Northern Quarter while we are closed.

We'll be busy getting ready, and enjoying some well deserved pints in Stephensons Square while we can.

We will be closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays while it's outside and takeaway only.

This will help us reduce costs and get some rest, as we don't know how things will go yet so we can't hire. The main aim of the game is to get back to doing what we love, seeing you lovely lot and making sure you're happy, well fed, and drinking all the local coffee, and to regain some financial stability.

We'll still be operating our online handmade cake shop, with lots of vegan and gluten free options, sending all the freshly baked handmade treats your way, and to your loved ones, with UK delivery, so keep checking our online shop. You can also collect from our Northern Quarter cafe on Oldham Street to avoid the delivery charge and reduce on packaging.

We'll be open 8:30am to 5:00pm to start, and we can't bloody wait to see you!!!

We'll have all the brunch, lunch, cakes, local coffee and iced drinks you can shake a stick at.

Get in touch by DMing us on our instagram if you have any questions, but for now, we'll see you Thursday!

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